Shape the future of Green Energy

H2-Greenforce Strategic Partners

H2 Greenforce technology is solid and tried and tested.

H2-Greenforce has strategic alliances with fully bankable global market leaders in their advanced technology sectors, guaranteeing state-of-the-art production along with the highest level of innovation and reliability of critical components.

Local EPC and construction workers are deployed along with local professionals for ongoing maintenance and repairs, creating local long-term jobs and benefiting the local economy.

Who we are

H2-Greenforce Group consists of experienced experts in the field of energy production, decarbonization and reduction of greenhouse gases. Using clean renewable energy to generate electricity and advanced hydrogen production technology, H2-Greenforce offers a truly scalable and flexible solution that serves hydrogen needs across all hydrogen use sectors. From the same system, H2-Greenforce can provide energy for e-mobility via its own charging stations.


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